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Onboard new hires faster


Career transitions to new roles or companies are inevitable for a working population. Not many of these transitions are successful though. And it's not just the inexperienced new hires but also the senior executives with years of industry experience who tend to fail within the first two years of joining a new company. Typically, organizations give an average of 90 days for new hires to prove themselves. From recruiting persons and training them to managing them during this period, companies make a huge investment in the new hires. It only makes sense, then, to accrue the returns on this investment.

Onboarding new hires is not all about training; it's about formulating a strategic process to ensure faster and seamless integration of the new hires, both socially and functionally, within the organization. It's during this time that senior management should engage with the new recruits and help them understand their job roles and how they can make a difference to the business. It's about getting the new recruits excited about their jobs and making them feel welcome.

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