Mobile Learning ? Innovative Solution


Learners today depend on the latest technology - like smartphones and tablets - to help them fit online training into their busy lives. Trends like wearables in learning, mobility in learning, Oculus Rift (virtual learning), learning nuggets and 3D apps are changing the way we learn with a focus on customer interaction and on-the-spot solution modeling.

Mobile handheld devices can help deliver academic and corporate training, performance support applications, game-based learning solutions, and simulations-based learning.

You use a phone or a tablet under different circumstances. This small but vital distinction and design consideration can make all the difference to the effectiveness of delivering mobile-based learning solutions. If you are looking for innovative mobile learning and support solutions, you know what device to use to contact us.

  • LEARNow™: Cloud-based, cross-platform, cross-device mobile learning
  • SOP on mobile devices: Performance intervention tool that helps reduce time -to-competence and increases productivity
  • Learning Nuggets: Byte-sized learning capsule that covers specific scenarios, concepts, or principles
  • QuizBiz: Users can challenge each other on topics with Leaderboard functionality at the back end
  • SalesPro App: Tool to enhance productivity & performance during sales activities
  • Custom Apps: Custom applications for iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry
  • 3D Apps: Unity 3D to create a mobile-based virtual environment
  • Try Me: Step-by-step process to practice handling, and assembling objects, in a risk-free environment

There are multiple benefits to working with us:

  • TIS is a pioneer and thought leader in the field of mobile learning. In addition to developing some of the earliest mobile e-learning products, we have been educating clients and customers through conferences, seminars and webinars
  • Tata Interactive Systems has capabilities in related disciplines such as serious games, simulations, and learning software.
  • We have components and reusable assets that significantly reduce development time.
  • We have the capabilities to develop mobile learning programs for almost any modern platform.