TIS has had a long and successful track record of partnering and assisting organizations around the world with learning consulting services. Our Consulting areas include Training Needs Analysis, Organizational Efficiency Evaluation, Design Process Definition, L&D Competency Development, Learning Implementation Strategy, Learning Effectiveness Strategy and Learning Technology Consulting.

Managed Learning Services

efficient and cost-effective learning

To stay successful and profitable in a highly competitive market, companies must constantly grapple with the challenge of managing costs while ensuring higher efficiencies, rapid execution, and keeping growth in step with targets. At TIS, we understand these challenges and have been helping our clients manage them for over 25 years.

TIS offers Managed Learning Services that cover the entire spectrum of learning and development. While other e-learning and consultancy companies may claim to do the same, TIS’ services are strongly centered on learning experience and effectiveness.

Our Value Proposition

TIS’ managed learning services (MLS) offerings are based on an outcome-centered model, which offers several advantages in relation to efficiency, speed, innovation, and outcome ownership. TIS’ outcome-based model is founded on the benefits it provides our clients rather than the resources it involves.

TIS can provide services adhering to predetermined service levels or deliverables on a fixed-price basis. We will also assume the associated risks, including risks related to changing resource needs. Clients can entrust TIS with the complete responsibility of service delivery. Thus, the onus is on TIS to find ways to continuously improve productivity and provide the highest quality of services at competitive prices, all the while maintaining agreed-upon service levels.

Graphic Managed Learning Services

The TIS Advantage

With TIS, clients receive outcome-based services and the full range of managed learning services benefits. Our services offer clients the following advantages:

Our Services

Curriculum Design and Development: TIS has the unique capability of developing curriculum and learning content from K-12 to Corporate training. We understand that today’s business climate demands constant workforce readiness and competency-based re-skilling, be it for the frontline, back-end, or leadership. Moreover, we leverage smart technology interventions to build these unique learning solutions.

Training Delivery: As a managed service provider, TIS can ensure efficient and top-quality delivery of learning content by providing services such as Train the Trainer workshops and delivery of training. This includes activities such as setting up training dates, managing logistics of training, identifying suitable trainers, engaging in trainer tie-ups in international locations, etc. TIS' global reach ensures that we are able to provide multilingual training in any location across the world.

Training Administration: TIS brings a rigorous and efficient approach to the administration of training programs, ensuring that the right employees receive the right training at the right time. TIS' services in this area include training catalog and participant data management.

Technology Enablement: TIS remains at the forefront of harnessing the latest technological advances in training courses. Our technology services enable training to be strongly user-driven—i.e. highly contextual, immersive, and personalized. We have considerable experience not only in implementing conventional learning technology solutions, but also across the social, mobile, analytic, and cloud spectrum of offerings.

Learning Consultancy: TIS has considerable experience in learning consultancy, having partnered and assisted organizations around the world in understanding and defining their learning and development requirements. We are able to manage the entire lifecycle from diagnosing learning gaps and identifying KPIs to suggesting improvements, delivering on the KPIs, and evaluating learning effectiveness.

Analytics: TIS can assist with gaining data-based insights into learning habits, training content, and teaching methodology. We can enable clients to evaluate learning effectiveness and deliver on recommended improvements.

Governance & Reports: To help an organization better align its learning strategy with overall business goals, TIS can perform the critical function of learning governance. From managing learning budgets and resources to directing learning operations, TIS can assist an organization plan out its learning and development strategy to ensure an optimum utilization of resources and maximize learning effectiveness.

Service Desk: TIS can help set up an L&D service desk that will provide support and guidance on learning-related queries for an organization. By having stringent quality standards and turnaround times, TIS can ensure that learners receive necessary support to complete their training.

Resourcing: TIS can manage vendor relations for performing L&D functions that will range from vendor vetting and selection to managing vendor operations and performance standards.