Game Based Learning


"The opposite of play is not work — the opposite of play is depression."

— Brian Sutton-Smith, Play Researcher, Author of The Ambiguity of Play

The human mind learns best when at play, and our innovative game-based solutions seamlessly blend the two for memorable learning and learning experiences.

Our offerings in this space include gamification and serious games.

Gamification is distinct from serious games in that it seeks to add game elements into your existing process, procedure or program and transform it. In contrast, our serious games “import” the process, procedure or program into a custom content module, asking the learner to reflect upon insights gained and bring them back into real practice when the game “ends”.



Our gamification solutions run the gamut from basic gamification elements such as points, badges and leaderboards to complex solutions that embed game elements into core activity loops.

While we possess off-the-shelf basic solutions such as points-badges-leaderboard platforms, we find clients are better served through our rigorous consulting process and custom gamification solution. We’ll deep-dive into your problem areas, analyze the pockets where gamification can connect and breathe, and come up with a solution. Good gamification is about aligning game elements to your processes rather than force-fitting the latter into fixed gamification buckets or sprinkling elements over it. We ensure the former.

That’s not all; we can implement the solution on your infrastructure, or create a hosting platform external to it. And of course, we provide analytics and reporting to measure outcomes and modify solutions to fit changing needs.

Gamify with us.


Serious Games

Serious games are our e-learning modules that target and hone specific skills in line with instructional goals. They can stand alone, augment standard elearning, or be part of a larger training curriculum. Built for fun, they engage learners to spend more time learning. Built for replayability, they encourage learners to keep coming back.

Our Play-Practice-Perfect or P3 model is the foundation for a game-based e-learning approach that delivers:

  • Greater engagement through play
  • Stronger skills and greater retention through practice
  • Higher efficiency through perfection

Whether we are addressing gaps in knowledge and skills or striving for behavioral change, our Serious Games have resulted in demonstrable improvement in on-the-job performance and cost savings for our clients. Our games are built on a strong foundation of gaming principles and powered by over 27 years of game design experience.

  • TIS' Skill-based Serious Games build skills and abilities. Use them to reduce time to competence for new hires and refresh skillsets for senior employees.
  • Our Knowledge-based Serious Games, can help you convey factual information – be it onboarding, rolling out new policies etc. to your employees.
  • Our Behavior-based Serious Games will help your people to think, reflect and change their mental perspectives and behaviors.