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Business Acumen/ Leadership Development

Business Acumen & Leadership Development

In today's organizations, employees often find it difficult to learn new skills and transfer current knowledge across functions. Companies too feel the urgent need to spur intrapreneurship and ownership at all levels, requiring employees to demonstrate business acumen in their day-to-day decisions. Hence, it has become imperative for organizations to arm their workforce with skills and knowledge across business functions, in areas, they find particularly challenging like analyzing reports, impact of key decision making, understanding financial trade-offs , thereby paving the way for future managers.

Develop critical competencies

Business Acumen Simulation is a workshop-based training solution that models complex interactions across functions in an organization. This simulation covers the different functional areas of Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Production, Finance and HR. Participants will learn how to create long-and short-term objectives and implement them in an agile, nimble, and consistent manner in an uncertain environment.

Transform your employees to better managers and leaders
Business Acumen Simulations will enable your workforce to take the following decisions:

In short, Business Acumen training simulations takes learners through the paces of business planning, strategizing, and decision-making thereby enabling their transformation into better leaders and managers. TOPSIM® Business Acumen simulations have been deployed by leading organizations across the globe.

Leadership Development

Leading an organization today is not just about setting clear objectives for the business to grow but also about inspiring talent, anticipating change, understanding markets and their implications on the business, among others. TIS's TOPSIM® Leadership training program can help optimize the performance of your leaders by creating a context for application of key leadership behaviors and skills.

Effective leadership development
TOPSIM® simulations from TIS focus on the entire spectrum of leadership behaviors. The engagement involves role plays, group dynamics and facilitated negotiations, thus enabling social learning and challenging participants to think critically.

Elements of leadership development simulations
Management and Leadership skills covered through the simulation include:

TOPSIM® simulations help:

TOPSIM® simulations have been deployed by leading organizations across the globe, including Deutsche Telekom, Infineon und AMD, Karcher, Hapimag and First Calgary.