TIS' customizable, user-friendly and agile LMS enables Blended Learning, collaboration, synchronous (virtual) as well as informal learning. Learning Planet from TIS has features to manage, administer, track and report on all forms of training interventions.

Learning Planet - LMS

Technological evolution has profoundly changed learning management systems through time, generating equally profound changes in the field of learning.

New generation Learning management systems (LMS) are sleeker and more streamlined to enable Blended Learning, collaboration, synchronous (virtual) as well as informal learning. TIS' customizable, user-friendly and social LMS reflects this spirit. Features such as community groups, discussion forums, surveys and announcements enable learners to share knowledge and information on a real-time basis.

Establishments ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to leading educational institutions work with us to drive collaborative and active learning. Our offerings are designed to suit your business needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

LMS Product Offerings from TIS

Learning Planet® Enterprise is TIS' feature-rich and intuitive LMS that comes bundled with a host of features to manage, administer, track and report on all forms of training interventions. This includes traditional classroom-based training, e-learning, virtual sessions (Webinars) and social learning.

Key features of Learning Planet® Enterprise:

  • Graphical User Interface (Visual Design) customized as per client requirements
  • Support for functional customizations
  • Highly scalable registered user base of more than 400,000 users with more than one implementation support registered user base with upwards of 50,000 users
  • Management and administration of online, classroom-based and virtual training
  • Assessment authoring and delivery
  • Integrates with ERP and HRMS systems such as SAP, Oracle, Adrenalin and custom systems
  • SCORM, AICC and IMS QTI compliance
  • No dependency on plug-ins such as Java Runtime or Adobe Flash
  • Role-based access system
  • Communication and collaboration tools like community groups, surveys, email, message board, even based alerts etc.
  • Extensive reporting module
  • Mobile-ready LMS for iOS and Android devices
  • Offline course delivery capability for Microsoft Windows platform

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Learning Planet® Lite is a robust, compact and simple-to-use LMS incorporating the basic, but essential, features of an LMS. Think of it as a scaled-down version of Learning Planet® Enterprise without the bells and whistles of a full-blown enterprise LMS.

Learning Planet® Lite would fit the bill perfectly plus provide the added advantage of access to your e-learning from iOS and Android mobile devices.

Key features of Learning Planet® Lite are as follows:

  • Best suited for organizations interested in delivering e-learning only - for example, compliance training for employees
  • Keep it simple: Hassle free hosting and administration of e-learning
  • Deliver e-learning to individuals and learner groups
  • Mobile delivery: Access e-learning on iOS and Android devices
  • Standards compliant to SCORM
  • Integration: SharePoint, SAP HRIS, Oracle HRIS, Active Directory, Outlook, Lotus Notes

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CyberTest aka LEARNow® is a powerful assessment engine in the e-learning space that takes care of all the assessment needs ranging from creating / uploading assessment or question banks, conducting online assessments and eventually tracking / reporting the performance of the learners.

Key features of CyberTest / LEARNow Examination system are as follows:

  • Completely web-based enterprise examination system
  • Supports different roles (author, examiner, administrator etc.) and examination types (exams, practice test, Flash cards)
  • 25+ different question templates with IMS QTI compliance
  • Enables authoring of questions that have mathematical equations
  • Metadata-based tagging of questions and advanced search mechanism when adding questions to assessments
  • Randomization of questions
  • Provides a simple WYSIWYG interface for question authors
  • Compliant with AICC and SCORM, which enables hosting and launching of e-learning content
  • Has multi-lingual capabilities
  • Publishes exams for launching on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and Microsoft Windows machines

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